Senior Influencer Application

We are looking for 2021 Seniors who are active on social media, involved in school activities, clubs, sports, teams, and/or have special interests and LOVE taking pictures! If this is you, then apply now because our model sessions fill up fast and there is no better deal than this EVER! Applications are open to all Seniors within a two hour drive from Springfield, TN.


Each school year, a special group of Seniors are chosen to represent Sarah Feinstein Photography. The SFP Influencer Team is more than just senior pictures! It is a an exlusive, unique and unforgettable experience throughout your senior year for select Seniors that agree to partner with me and help advertise my brand. These are the Seniors that wanted IN from the beginning and want the biggest experience I can offer them.

How Do You CHOOSE Your Senior Influencers?

I run my program differently than other senior photographers in that I don't open it up to every single person over the course of the year. I'm never going to have 20, 30 or 50 girls/guys on my team. The way I've always looked at this is I want to create a smaller more community feel for my team. Selection of my Senior Models is based on personality and being active in your school and extracurricular activities. Most importantly, I look for Seniors that are excited about being in this program and want me to be a part of their Senior Year.

What are the BENEFITS to being a Senior Model?

–Invitation to exclusive Senior Model events at Sarah Feinstein Photography throughout your Senior Year.

-Meet super cool Seniors from around the Robertson County area. You might even make a new friend!

-Influencer Group Shoot in the Summer prior to the start of your Senior Year.

-Two one-on-one sessions in the Spring and Fall of 2020!

-Model discount on Homecoming and Prom events.

-Priority booking – book popular Fall dates before they’re open to the public.

-Referrals are not required! BUT the first Influencer to receive 3 Senior referrals by December 1st, 2020 will win a trip to the ULTIMATE senior portrait destination session! (the location for our 2021 contest winner will be determined later in the year.)

-As a SFP Senior Influencer you’ll be SEEN! All models are featured in our advertising campaigns, on our website, on our social media and on mail outs that reach hundreds of seniors all over the state!

-Lots of extra time with and love from ME! *yay!

What are the basic QUALIFICATIONS to apply?

-Be a 2021 Graduating Senior.

-Agree to represent Sarah Feinstein Photography and have your Senior Portraits done exclusively by me.

-Be excited about representing my studio and my brand.

-Parent/Guardian involvement. It is extremely important that your parents are supportive and enthused about this experience for you.

-Have an active Instagram and Facebook account. At least one parent must have an active Facebook account. (Team communications about Model Shoots, bookings and events are sent through a private Facebook group)

-Agree to schedule your Two Senior Sessions prior to December 1st , 2020.


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  • Nashville & Clarksville Senior Photographer
  • Nashville & Clarksville Senior Photographer
  • Nashville & Clarksville Senior Photographer
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